Return Label - Domestic Warehouse

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Need to return your package but prefer to save big on the shipping costs while speeding up your full refund?

We've got you covered :)

It is now possible to send back your package to a third party warehouse based in your own country.

Indeed, we have a paid contract with them so that they can ship back the package to our suppliers & partners in other continents.

Benefits for You:

  1. This is a much faster return method (1-2 weeks) 
  2. Much cheaper cheaper way (3-4 times cheaper) than sending it back on your own.

A processing fee of £ 9.95 (British pounds) is requested since we will create and send you a postal label.

This will also partially cover the fee we pay to this company to arrange the return to Asia.

You would need to print and bring along the return label your package to your nearest post office.

In other words this is a hassle-free return method we strongly suggest especially these days.