20 Pieces/Lot Colorful Cat Claws Cover (Adhesive Glue included)

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20 pcs Soft Nail Caps For Cat Claw Control  + Adhesive Glue 14 Colors


XS: Fit: 0.5KG-2.5KG,  Width: 0.5CM, Length: 0.9CM
S: Fit: 2.5KG-5.0KG,    Width: 0.6CM, Length: 1.2CM
M: Fit: 5.0KG-7.5KG,   Width: 0.7CM, Length: 1.4CM
L: Fit: 7.5KG-10KG,     Width: 0.8CM, Length: 1.5CM
XL: Fit: 10KG-15KG,    Width: 0.9CM, Length: 1.6CM


1:Trim cat's nails.
2:Adhesive glue into the nail caps.
3:Put the nail caps in the cat nails.
4:After observed a few minutes to release the cat.

Package included:20 PCS Nail Caps(a package) + 1 pcs Nail Caps Glue.